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MTH Network is the platform to Buy & Sell digital assets with cryptocurrency.

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  • Digital products are intangible assets or media that can be distributed online without the need to source or manage physical inventory. These products will be delivered in downloadable or streamable formats, such as PDFs, MP3s, videos, software, or templates. Anyone can buy & sell these products with MTHN token. Quick rundown of 25 digital product ideas to sell online: Courses, Videos, Ebooks, Written templates (scripts, résumés, emails, etc.), Checklists, Spreadsheets, Photos, Fonts, Icons, Logos, Graphics, Infographics, Illustrations, Digital art, Animations, Graphic templates, Overlays, Editing presets (for images, videos, or audio), Online magazines, Software, Online tools, Membership sites, Audio (music, samples, loops, podcasts, etc.), Planners, Research (statistics, reports, etc.).We believe the future of crypto does not consist of a single general-purpose blockchain that rules them all, but rather a series of dominant, specialized blockchains, each tailored to a particular category of applications. MTHN represents a more than two-year effort to create a blockchain capable of decentralizing the social media category, and we believe it presents the first clear path to solving the existing problems that plague social media today.

    MTHN NFT Marketplace Overview

    MTHN NFT marketplace platform is a best of its kind .The MTH Network has been accepting applications from collectors & creators.The MTH Network marketplace will include gas fees of only $1 and host works of Art, visual, Audio, Creates and Photographs. MTH Network has also whitelisted some creators who will be releasing their works on the marketplace early.MTHN marketplace runs on the Tron Block Chain. It uses the MTHN token for running crypto transactions.The cryptocurrency platform will follow a fixed price model for now and also allow bidding for NFTs in the future trading.

    mth network
    mth network

    The collectors can buy NFTs via the MTHN platform through its native token MTHN. Moreover, NFT will not take bids for the pieces on sale for the now option and will go ahead with the 'fixed price sale' concept. However, the cryptocurrency tokens can be later transferred to various blockchain networks, like Ethereum.Tangible Assets are physical items like cash, inventory, buildings, vehicles, equipment, and investments.Intangible Assets basically do not exist in physical form like prepaid expenses, accounts receivable and patents, and goodwill.

    Our values

    It takes a special kind of mentality to take on the challenge of upgrading the entire planet to a better social media platform. We call this ‘Moontality’ and we put it at the heart of everything we do.

    mth network

    One mission, one team

    mth network

    One mission, one team

    mth network

    Obsessed with the best